California Nevada Climate Applications Program

Tioga Pass

1 November 2016

The camera is back at Tioga Pass! Images from the Tioga Pass Web Cam are now available on Google Drive:

The most recent image is named TiogaPass.jpg. The image timestamp can be found in the lower left corner of the image. The timestamp has also been embedded in the jpg file. TiogaPass.jpg gets overwritten each time a new image arrives. Older images are archived by year. Archived images include the timestamp in the filename.

The camera is on from 5AM to 9PM. Image transfer appears to drop out during storms probably due to satellite internet signal loss. The camera stores all images it takes.

Many thanks to Douglas Alden and Dr. Dan Cayan at Scripps Institution of Oceanography for their efforts to re-establish this camera!

An image from 1 November 2016 is shown below. Please go to:
for the most recent image: