California Nevada Applications Program/California Climate Change Center

Devils Postpile National Monument

The California Nevada Applications Program (CNAP), the California Climate Change Center (CCCC) and the Devils Postpile National Monument (DEPO) park service personnel are pleased to announce a new web cam at Soda Springs Meadow in Devils Postpile National Monument. This new camera will relay images every hour and the updated images will be displayed here.
CNAP/CCCC recognizes the cooperation and efforts of the excellent staff at DEPO:
Many thanks to our field team and these wonderful folks for making this possible!

CNAP/CCCC maintains a weather data site at DEPO. This site collects temperature, precipitation, humidity, station pressure and solar raditaion data every minute. Click below to look at the latest data graphics and links to other information:

DEPO weather data

The most recent image from the Soda Springs research camera is shown below:

The 2011-2012 Winter in Soda Springs Meadow

A time-lapse movie of the images from the research camera overlooking Soda Springs meadow is now available at
Thanks to the media tech SCA at DEPO for making this available!

17 December 2011

The camera caught a bald eagle resting in Soda Springs Meadow on Dec 17th.