CASPO (Climate Atmospheric Science and Physical Oceanography)

Hydroclimate Group

Last update: 17 May 2011

Hi, welcome to the web server of the Hydroclimate Group, part of the Climate Atmospheric Science and Physcial Oceanography (CASPO) division (formerly part of the Climate Research Division) at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography which is part of the University of California - San Diego. You can access the home pages or emails of the various group members, former group memebers, and related projects through the links below. Thanks for visiting.

Principal Investigators
Dan Cayan (www)
Mike Dettinger (www)

Affiliated Researchers
Tapash Das (www)
Alexander Gershunov (www)
Hugo Hidalgo -- Universidad de Costa Rica
Sam Iacobellis (www)
Noah Knowles -- USGS (www)
Jessica Lundquist -- University of Washington, Seattle (www)
Francisco Munoz-Arriola (www)
Ram Ray
Iris Stewart-Frey -- Santa Clara University (www)
Tony Westerling -- UC Merced (www)

Project Facilitators
Jim Wells

Emelia Bainto
Jennifer Paolini
Mary Tyree (www)

Affiliated Programs
California Nevada Applications Program / California Climate Change Center (www)